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Louie Frazier
The Inspiration for Home Work

The Yurts of Bill Coperthwaite

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Catherine Wanek

Bill & Athena Steen
Cob Houses of Mud & Straw

Michael Kahn
Sculptural Village in the Arizona Desert

Mongolian Cloud Houses
How to make a Yurt & Live Comfortably

Looking For Builders & Buildings

Do you know any unique builders? We are searching for builders that exemplify creativity, craftsmenship, and who build real houses for real people. It's also great if they do other unique things in their lives. We're currently travelling to different parts of the country to photograph various builders and their work, to use in upcoming books.

We have written two books, Shelter, which was published in the 1970's and was generally lauded as an influential book in the natural building movement. Our second book, HomeWork: Handbuilt Shelter, focuses on the homes and lives of builders all over the world, many who were inspired to build by Shelter.

Our next book will be similar in substance, but will focus on builders per se. If you know of any people who fit this description, please contact us. Photos of buildings would be a big help.

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