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Chris Brady's Truck

sean hellfritsch

Dear Shelter Publications,

I have been meaning to contact you for quite some time now, having been a devoted reader and carrier of all your building books. As a mobile custom builder from the Olympic Peninsula, my work evokes a similar message and style as both Builders of the Pacific Coast and Tiny Homes.

I grew up in Port Townsend, Washington, raised a sawyer’s son in a family of talented builders. I have spent the past 10 working years learning the art of building artful structures. Skilled in all phases of construction, I specialize in detail finish woodwork, timberframing, and tiny homes. Early on I had a vision of a wooden camper shell on my Toyota pickup. I began collecting wood at our mill when I was 19 years old, selecting Sitka Spruce for the frame because of its light weight and strength, and both Western Red and Alaskan Yellow Cedars as T&G siding for the walls and roof. In my spare time between work projects in my makeshift shop overlooking the Strait of Juan De Fuca, I began building my gypsy camper.

Many times since then I have packed up the Gypsy with my tools and headed out, bound for adventures and building projects across the West. In 2011 I relocated to the Gallatin Valley of southwestern Montana where I worked alongside a talented crew of timberwrights and learned the historic craft of timber frame. Working with reclaim timbers and logs added a new dimension to my style and skill set.

My work continues to allure me to travel and build artful dwellings throughout the greater West. For instance, I am currently building a home in Comptche, California. The landscapes that I explore inspire my work, and the Gypsy enables me to be at home wherever I go.

Now, over 100,000 miles of road traveled in our wooden road abode, I am back at the drawing board visioning and designing the next Gypsy. As time passes and seasons change, I will be busy building the next tiny home on wheels to accommodate the many more gypsy-living road trips yet to come.

Thanks for your time and attention, Lloyd and company. I’ve attached a handful of photographs of the camper on various adventures. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Chris Brady