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Building Books

The Barefoot Architect


The Barefoot Architect


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This book on building with ­natural materials is the first English translation of an international best-selling construction manual. It is ­especially oriented to building in “­underdeveloped” ­countries. It covers basic design, site ­planning, and climatic considerations; ­heating, cooling, water supply —treating waste, and ­irrigation for agriculture. Simple, basic ­materials — including adobe, plaster, rammed earth, wood, reinforced concrete, ferro-cement, cactus, and bamboo. Homemade water‑generated ­electricity, solar water ­heaters, wood stoves, water pumps, water distillers, and cisterns. Septic tanks, outhouses, sand filters, and composting toilets are also covered.

By Johan van Lengen

720 pages  /  5½" x 8½"  /  2008  /  ISBN 978-0-936070-40-7

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