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Fitness Books

Stretching Pocket Book Edition


Stretching Pocket Book Edition


Stretching is a simple, gentle activity that can be done by anyone, anywhere, at any time. This Pocket Book Edition of Stretching is a physically condensed edition of the classic Stretching book that has helped millions of people for over 30 years. Like it's larger version, this pocket book edition contains:

  • 150 stretches with simple instructions for each stretch
  • One- or two-page graphic stretching routines, including:
    • 17 routines for everyday activities
    • 10 routines for computer users and office workers
    • 37 routines for different sports
  • Graphic index of all 150 stretches — useful for doctors, medical professionals, and
    body workers in prescribing stretches for patients
  • Body tools
  • Caring for your back
  • PNF stretching

If you stretch in the right way (no bouncing, no pain), you’ll feel better. It’s that simple.

By Bob Anderson
illustrated by Jean Anderson

256 pages / 5" x 7¼"  / 2015  /  ISBN 978-0-936070-64-3

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